What I learnt about PHP using wordpress

implode converts the array into a string:

example from php.net


$array = array('lastname', 'email', 'phone');
$comma_separated = implode(",", $array);

echo $comma_separated; // lastname,email,phone

// Empty string when using an empty array:
var_dump(implode('hello', array())); // string(0) ""


We dont have a similar thing in Javascript. Probably we would have either to map the array or create a method to join it somehow.

esc_attr is actually a wordpress function, its used for safety so any special characters don't get evaluated as html. So if for example you are echoing inside a html class, and by any chance you are echoing something as html "><script>alert();</script> you wont actually escape the class attribute.

example from a wordpress plugin:

<div class="wcsatt-options-product-prompt <?php echo esc_attr( implode( ' ', $prompt_classes ) ); ?>" data-prompt_type="<?php echo esc_attr( $prompt_type ); ?>"><?php echo $prompt; ?></div>

To be continued

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